What I Believe.

I believe that every student deserves the best learning experience in every single class. My course policies are fair, helpful and designed to promote transparency in the classroom. Reach out with any questions or clarifications.


Committed to Excellence

Focused on providing culturally relevant and responsive curricula that is appropriately rigorous and engaging, which will lead to reinvestment in the educational process, as well as increased academic, social, and emotional realization.


Extending Learning

Educational travel allows scholars to deepen their understanding and transform their perspectives through experiential learning, foster an appreciation for different cultures, enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration. 


Identity-Affirmation Focus

Through the implementation of Responsive Classroom and SEL Competencies, forging healthy interpersonal relationships, and ensuring that the classroom is grounded in scholars' strengths and assets, it is possible to respond to scholars' awareness.


Addressing the Spirit

After-school programming benefit children in myriad ways. Children can develop time-management skills, build self-esteem, form strong and healthy relationships with peers, coaches, and instructors. Many who participate surpass their peers in academic performance.