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Dr. Richard Glass, Jr. began the Education Entrepreneur Fellowship in March 2018 and now serves as Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Boy’s Lab. Boy’s Lab is an innovative, three-year cohort, single-sex laboratory classroom, purposed to provide an inquiry-based academic program for boys, beginning in fourth grade. Boy’s Lab serves as a demonstration classroom model, in association with Chicago International Charter School, with an ancillary focus on teacher training, educational research, and providing professional development to urban educators. 


An experienced educational leader, Dr. Glass started his career as a classroom teacher, leading all-male classrooms in the North Lawndale and Englewood communities.  Dr. Glass’s colleagues tell us that “Richard regards his teaching as a craft, a calling. He is passionate about education and is a lifelong learner. He works above and beyond for all of us. He’s all about what’s best for students.”


A lifelong Chicagoan, Richard is a 1998 graduate of Chicago State University, has a Master of Arts in School Leadership from Concordia University, and a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management from the Spertus Institute. In June 2016, he received a Master of Science in Education in Elementary Teaching from Northwestern University. In February 2017, he successfully defended for a Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership from Argosy University, where his dissertation focused on “How Relationships and Relevance Influence the Scholastic Attitudes of Black Males.” Most recently, Dr. Glass earned a Master of Education in Special Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago, in May 2019. 




Washington Heights, Chicago, IL

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